05.07.16 by Staff

Incredibly Detailed Pencil Carvings by Artist Cindy Chinn


Nebraska-based fine artist Cindy Chinn carves detailed sculptures out of pencils. For this scene of a family of elephants walking across the Serengeti, Chinn bought herself a 10x diopter floor lamp and a 90x Trinocular on an arm  (kinda like the equipment you’d see at a dentist’s office). Check out more of her meticulous handiwork below!

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03.06.13 by Jeff

Book carvings Long-Bin Chen

Book carvings sculptures by artist Long-Bin Chen
Long-Bin Chen carves sculptures out of stacks of discarded books. Watch below!

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30.01.13 by Jeff

Carvings by Maskull Lasserre

Carvings by artist Maskull Lasserre
“Fable”, new sculptures by Maskull Lasserre. The level of detail in his carvings is truly incredible. See more below!

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