23.09.13 by Jeff

Ian Ingram

Drawings by artist Ian Ingram

Incredible charcoal and pastel drawings by artist Ian Ingram. See more below!

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04.04.13 by Jeff

Kelly Blevins

Charcoal drawings by artist Kelly Blevins
Charcoal drawings by Kelly Blevins. Submitted via Tumblr.

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22.10.12 by Jeff

Douglas McDougall

Drawings by artist Douglas McDougall
Charcoal drawings by Douglas McDougall.

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27.03.12 by Jeff

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

Giant charcoal drawings by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada
“Identity Series”, giant charcoal drawings by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada.

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17.09.10 by Jeff

Scott Hunt

Charcoal drawings by Scott Hunt.

charcoal drawings scott hunt artist
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06.04.10 by Jeff

Hong Chun Zhang

Charcoal and graphite drawings by Hong Chun Zhang.

Hair drawings by artist Hong Chun Zhang
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