17.06.10 by Jeff

Peter Halupka

Photos by Peter Halupka.

peter halupka photographer photography
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25.02.10 by Jeff

Dianna Frid

The Vertical Shadows and Engines of Weather by Dianna Frid.

dianna frid artist sculptures
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13.01.10 by Jeff

Gisela Insuaste

Drawings and paintings by Gisela E. Insuaste. Chicago.

gisela e insuaste chicago artist painter painting drawing
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23.12.09 by Jeff

Pete Halupka

Photos by Pete Halupka. Chicago.

pete halupka one photographer photography
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18.05.09 by Jeff

Lauren Nassef

For the past 18 months Chicago-based Lauren Nassef has been adding A Drawing A Day to her blog, and now you can purchase them!

lauren nassef illustrator illustration drawing collage chicago
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14.04.09 by Jeff

Daniel Shea

Photos by Daniel Shea. Chicago. This first photo wow, there’s so much brick happenin’ here its crazy!

daniel shea photographer photography chicago
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26.03.09 by Jeff

Davin Youngs

Photos by Davin Youngs. Chicago.

davin youngs photographer photography chicago
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29.10.08 by Jeff

Jason Lazarus

Some startlingly poetic photography from Chicago-based, Jason Lazarus. He was a photography instructor at Columbia College and I believe he still teaches/lectures at various places. The cool thing about his site is that along side his work he includes a teaching section.

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