19.11.15 by Staff

Uplifting Video of the Day: Building a Clock to Chime New Tune Every Day for 10,000 Years


How does one build a clock that will last 10,000 years? Well, “the golden boy of MIT” Danny Hillis and his team of engineers/generational thinkers have some answers. In fact, The Clock of the Long Now is already under construction and is set to be placed in the West Texas mountains. English musician, Brian Eno, has helped with a 10 bell arrangement that will chime a different sequence each day for 10,000 years.

Aside from those technicalities though, the project addresses larger questions about the world and our place in it. Especially in light of recent events, this project demonstrates a refreshing optimism toward the future and celebration of our capacity to take on the most insurmountable problems. Watch the short video portrait below!

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08.10.14 by Jeff

Spira: An Inductive iPhone Charger and Clock by Design Student Alice Robbiani

spira-alice-robbiani05spira-alice-robbiani01 spira-alice-robbiani02 spira-alice-robbiani03

Spira is a diploma project by Alice Robbiani, an interactive design student at the University of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (ÉCAL). The magnetic docking station restores power to the iPhone through inductive charging and turns the mobile device into a wall clock. Watch the video below.

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25.06.13 by Staff

“Time Machine” by Daniel Duarte

Time Machine by Daniel Duarte
“Time Machine”, a mesmerizing clock designed by Daniel Duarte. More images below!

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19.01.12 by Jeff

Tock Tock / Giveaway

Tock Tock Clock Dubbleyou Giveaway

Sara Spence makes these nice little custom Tock Tock clocks and she’s letting me give one away! So who wants it?

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26.11.10 by Jeff

Furni / Giveaway

Mike over at Furni just sent me over a beautiful alarm clock and he wants to send you one too! So who wants it?

furni alba clock booooooom giveaway

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