11.09.12 by Jeff

Melinda Laszczynski

Artist Melinda Laszczynski
Collages by Melinda Laszczynski.

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08.08.12 by Jeff

Devin Troy Strother

Brooklyn based artist Devin Troy Strother
More mixed-media collage works by Devin Troy Strother.

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09.07.12 by Jeff

Val Britton

Artist Val Britton
Beautiful map-like mixed media paper works by Val Britton.

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29.05.12 by Jeff

Dave Kinsey

Artist painter Dave Kinsey
More lovely work by Dave Kinsey.

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18.05.12 by Jeff

Benjamin Evans

Collage by Benjamin Evans
Benjamin Evans made this for his girlfriend.

04.05.12 by Jeff

Matt Wisniewski

Artist Matt Wisniewski
“Landscape”, digital collages by Matt Wisniewski.

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28.02.12 by Jeff

Selena Kimball

Collage six months new york times by artist Selena Kimball
A stunning collage made from six months’ worth of front page photographs from the New York Times, by Selena Kimball.

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24.02.12 by Jeff

Office Supplies Inc.

Office Supplies Inc. vancouver street art
Collage works by street artist Office Supplies Inc. Vancouver.

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