19.11.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Tim Lahan


Collages by New York-based artist and illustrator Tim Lahan (who I’ve featured many many times). More images below.

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09.11.15 by Jeff

Surreal Cityscape Collages by Artist Andrew Soria


I like these digitally manipulated photo collages by artist Andrew Soria. The artist shoots cityscapes and then heavily Photoshops the imagery to create new compositions in a very painterly style. More images below.

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12.06.15 by Staff

Inger by Adam Shield


Fantastic series by Glasgow-based artist, Adam Shield. Inger emerged from collages of photocopied pictures that were taken by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch’s sister, Inger. More images below.

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05.05.15 by Jeff

Collages by Artist Joe Rudko


These collages by artist Joe Rudko are a combination of cut photographs and coloured pencil drawings. Fantastic stuff. More images below.

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23.04.15 by Jeff

Damien Tran


Collages by Berlin-based artist Damien Tran. More images below.

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27.01.15 by Jeff

Collages by Artist Annie Descôteaux


One tiny cheeseburger for me, please! Love these collages by Montreal-based artist Annie Descôteaux. More images below.

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20.05.14 by Jeff

Nathan Carter


Sculptures and collages by artist Nathan Carter. More below.

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05.05.14 by Jeff

James Hines


Newspaper and tape collages by artist James Hines. More below.

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