09.11.11 by Jeff

Hernan Paganini

Collages by Hernan Paganini.

Collages by artist Hernan Paganini
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28.10.11 by Jeff

Jessica Williams

Collages by Jessica Williams (collaborations with Espen Friberg).

Collages by artist Jessica Williams and Espen Friberg
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25.10.11 by Jeff

Erika Lawlor Schmidt

Collages by Erika Lawlor Schmidt.

Collages by artist erika lawlor schmidt
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12.10.11 by Jeff

Matthew Cusick

Incredible collaged maps by Matthew Cusick.

Collaged maps by artist Matthew Cusick
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20.09.11 by Jeff

Alexis Mackenzie

More collages by Alexis Mackenzie.

collages Artist Alexis Anne Mackenzie
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29.08.11 by Jeff

Ariel Chiesa

Collages by Ariel Chiesa.

Paper collages by artist Ariel Chiesa
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15.08.11 by Jeff

Ruth Van Beek

“Hibernators”, collages by Ruth Van Beek.

Collages by artist Ruth Van Beek
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11.07.11 by Jeff

Scott Massey

Collages by Scott Massey.

Illustrator Scott Massey illustration
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