05.06.14 by Jeff

Bart Nijstad


Drawings and paintings by artist Bart Nijstad, based in the Netherlands. The last seven images are from an autobiographical comic called “Scuffle”.

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14.05.14 by Jeff

Alexis Beauclair


Love these drawings by artist Alexis Beauclair. More below.

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02.04.14 by Jeff

Comics by Will Laren


Will Laren is the funniest man alive. More of his comics below.

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21.03.14 by Jeff

James Harvey



Drawings by illustrator James Harvey. More below.

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10.03.14 by Jeff

Jonny Negron


A selection of work by artist Jonny Negron. This is an artist with a direct line to his own subconscious. More below.

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22.01.14 by Jeff

Katsuya Terada


Drawings by Japanese comic artist Katsuya Terada. More below.

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12.12.13 by Jeff

Matthew Houston


Drawings by artist Matthew Houston. More below.

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05.12.13 by Jeff

Dilraj Mann


Curvy ladies by illustrator Dilraj Mann. More below.

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