22.01.14 by Jeff

Katsuya Terada


Drawings by Japanese comic artist Katsuya Terada. More below.

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12.12.13 by Jeff

Matthew Houston


Drawings by artist Matthew Houston. More below.

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05.12.13 by Jeff

Dilraj Mann


Curvy ladies by illustrator Dilraj Mann. More below.

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02.07.13 by Jeff

Brecht Vandenbroucke

Brecht Vandenbroucke white cube book
Brecht Vandenbroucke white cube book
This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever received in the mail. My favourite comic artist Brecht Vandenbroucke sent me a copy of his hilariously absurd book “White Cube”, and it arrived inside a hand-painted envelope! This is further proof of my theory that the most talented people are also the most friendly. Thanks so much Brecht!

You can see more of the book below!

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19.06.13 by Jeff

Joan Cornellà

Comic artist Joan Cornellà
Comics by Joan Cornellà. I have been staring at this first one for an hour. It is so absurd. I love it, I love everything about it. More comics below (some of them are kinda dark).

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19.06.13 by Jeff

Comics by Simon Landrein

Comic drawings by artist Simon Landrein
Comics by Simon Landrein.

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13.06.13 by Staff

Ruben Nieto

paintings by Ruben Nieto comic fine art
These paintings are Ruben Nieto’s way of mixing comic culture and modern art. See more below!

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01.05.13 by Jeff


jangojim comic artist drawings
Drawings and comics by Jangojim.

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