24.04.14 by Jeff

A-Z of Dance, Finger Tutting, Memphis Jookin’


Jacob Sutton directs this highly entertaining alphabetical catalog of dance moves on the streets of LA, featuring dancers like Lil Buck and Nicole the Pole. I especially loved the finger tutting and the memphis jookin’ (seen above). Watch “A-Z of Dance” below!

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11.02.09 by Jeff

Dancing Japanese biker gang!

Great new video for Peter Bjorn & John’s Nothing To Worry About, directed by Andreas and Filip Nilsson. The Japanese take rockabilly to the next level.

peter bjorn and john nothing to worry about music video japanese street gang rockabilly dancing biker culture

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22.07.08 by Jeff

David Elsewhere

Several months ago I thought maybe the internet had seen the last of David Elsewhere (I hoped this wasn’t true). Well the fine folks over at Poke have just released a bunch of promo videos for the new Motorola Rokr E8 phone. Each viral video showcases one feature of the phone and Elsewhere is in all of them!


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