02.10.12 by Jeff

Christos Kourtoglou

Designer illustrator Christos Kourtoglou
Book covers designed by Christos Kourtoglou.

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10.09.12 by Jeff

Maggie Chok

Designer Maggie Chok
My friend Maggie is starting to freelance, hire her!

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07.09.12 by Jeff

Geoff McFetridge

Artist Geoff McFetridge
New paintings by Geoff McFetridge, from his show “Around Us and Between Us” opening this month at Ivory and Black. Love these.

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21.07.12 by Jeff

90º Typography Pop-Up Book

90º Typography Pop-Up Book
90º, a pop-up typography book by Polish designer Iwona Przybyla. Letters made of thread appear when the book is opened to 90 degrees.

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06.07.12 by Jeff

Henrik Vibskov

Artist fashion stage designer Henrik Vibskov
Henrik Vibskov is on another level. Artist, musician, fashion and stage designer, he is an endless source of inspiration for me.

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11.06.12 by Jeff

Faceture vases and light shades by designer Phil Cuttance

Faceture vases and lightshades by designer Phil Cuttance
“Faceture”, vases and light shades designed by Phil Cuttance. Watch a video of a vase being made below!

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07.06.12 by Jeff

Paper pop-ups by Mengyu Chen

Paper pop-ups by designer Mengyu Chen

Love these concepts for a pop-up book, by designer Mengyu Chen.

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26.01.12 by Jeff

Tony Larson

Artist designer Tony Larson
Paintings by Tony Larson.

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24.01.12 by Jeff

Mark Giglio

Designer illustrator Mark Giglio
Works by Mark Giglio.

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