06.07.10 by Jeff

Beyond The Street

Gestalten just sent over a nice book, “Beyond The Street”.

book beyond the street gestalten
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21.06.10 by Jeff


“Blind”, a zine by Ksone. 12 sentences and 12 blind drawings.

blind drawings
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17.06.10 by Jeff

File Magazine #3

File Magazine Issue #3! You need it.

file magazine art photography issue 3
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16.06.10 by Jeff

RJ Shaughnessy

“These Photographs Will Heal Your Soul”, by RJ Shaughnessy.

Photographer RJ Shaughnessy book
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15.06.10 by Jeff

Pedro Ramos

“Black Scabbard Research Centre”, by Pedro Ramos.

pedro ramos black scabbard research centre photo zine
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14.06.10 by Jeff

Joscha Bruckert + Andreas Till

“A man sat alone in his room”, by Joscha Bruckert and Andreas Till.

joscha bruckert andreas till photographers zine a man sat alone in his room
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09.06.10 by Jeff


Mörel Books kindly sent me out a copy of Asger Carlsen’s latest book, “Wrong”. It is filled with haunting images from another dimension. I spent the afternoon sitting and staring.

asger carlsen photo book wrong morel photography
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07.06.10 by Jeff

David Choe + Jason Jaworski

“Nothing to Declare” is a zine coinciding with David Choe’s recent show of the same name. It features a story by Jason Jaworski, based on various paintings by Choe.

david choe jason jaworski zine
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