06.10.15 by Jeff

Double Music Video: The Parrots “All My Loving” & Hinds “Davey Crockett”

parrots-hinds02 parrots-hinds01parrots-hinds03

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen two bands split a music video before? I’m sure someone will rattle off a whole bunch of bands who have done this in the comments below, but I can’t think of any for the life of me.

In any case this is a fun double video, directed by Marc Oller, featuring two Madrid-based garage rock bands covering tunes they normally end their shows with. The Parrots cover the Almighty Defenders followed by Hinds’ cover of Thee Headcoats. The two bands released a split 7″ record with both songs earlier this year.

Watch “All My Loving / Davey Crockett” in all its 16mm glory below.

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12.10.10 by Jeff

37 seconds of the Booooooom Party!

Thank youuu to all of you who came out to celebrate my birthday, Shannon’s birthday, and Booooooom’s birthday! It was a PARTY! Jump over to the Facebook Page and tag yourself in the video if you were there!

Thanks to Fortune for hosting the party!