25.01.11 by Jeff

Brett Cody Rogers

Drawings and paintings by Brett Cody Rogers.

artist painter painting drawing brett cody rogers
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03.01.11 by Jeff

Brennan Kelly

Drawings by Brennan Kelly.

artist drawings by brennan kelly
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21.12.10 by Jeff

Jesse Fillingham

Drawings by Jesse Fillingham.

artist jesse fillingham drawings
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20.12.10 by Jeff

Andrea Wan

More illustrations from my favourite, Andrea Wan. Hire her!

andrea wan illustrator illustration artist
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14.12.10 by Jeff

Paul Alexander Thornton

Another pen drawing video by Paul Alexander Thornton.

paul alexander thornton stop motion pen drawing video

Watch the video below!

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07.12.10 by Jeff

Paul Alexander Thornton

“Black Dahlia”, another pen drawing video by Paul Alexander Thornton (oh and that’s Paul playing the guitar too).

black dahlia pen drawing by paul alexander thornton

Watch the video below!

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25.11.10 by Jeff

Patrick Kyle

Drawings by Patrick Kyle.

artist illustrator illustration patrick kyle
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24.11.10 by Jeff

Talita Hoffmann

Drawings by Talita Hoffmann.

artist drawings talita hoffmann
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11.11.10 by Jeff

Fumi Mini Nakamura

Beautiful new work from Fumi Mini Nakamura. Her show at Blackbird Attic (New York) opens Nov 13th, and you can purchase works online tomorrow!

fumi mini nakamura artist illustrator designer
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