15.02.11 by Jeff

Kevin Lyons

Kevin Lyons whips out his marker for Colette. Love watching him draw.

kevin lyons marker drawing on colette bar wall

Watch the video below!

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14.02.11 by Jeff

Liam Stevens

Drawings by Liam Stevens.

illustrator illustrations liam stevens drawings
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09.02.11 by Jeff

Nicholas Gazin

Drawings by Nicholas Gazin. He’s showing in NY on friday (details).

Artist Nicholas Gazin drawings
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25.01.11 by Jeff

Brett Cody Rogers

Drawings and paintings by Brett Cody Rogers.

artist painter painting drawing brett cody rogers
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03.01.11 by Jeff

Brennan Kelly

Drawings by Brennan Kelly.

artist drawings by brennan kelly
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21.12.10 by Jeff

Jesse Fillingham

Drawings by Jesse Fillingham.

artist jesse fillingham drawings
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20.12.10 by Jeff

Andrea Wan

More illustrations from my favourite, Andrea Wan. Hire her!

andrea wan illustrator illustration artist
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14.12.10 by Jeff

Paul Alexander Thornton

Another pen drawing video by Paul Alexander Thornton.

paul alexander thornton stop motion pen drawing video

Watch the video below!

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