14.06.10 by Jeff

Caitlin Hackett

Drawings by Caitlin Hackett. Brooklyn, New York.

artist caitlin hackett new york
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09.06.10 by Jeff

Joao Ruas

Some more drawings by Joao Ruas.

joao ruas art drawings
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09.06.10 by Jeff

Lizzy Stewart

Drawings by Lizzy Stewart.

lizzy stewart illustration illustrator drawing
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08.06.10 by Jeff

Dimas Forchetti

Drawings by Dimas Forchetti.

Artist Dimas Forchetti
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04.06.10 by Jeff

Helge Reumann + Xavier Robel

Drawings by Elvis Studio (Helge Reumann and Xavier Robel).

elvis studio Helge Reumann and Xavier Robel artist drawing
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02.06.10 by Jeff

Helen Eady

Drawings by Helen Eady. Vancouver. She’s part of a show at the SFU Gallery until the end of the month!

helen eady artist drawing
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01.06.10 by Jeff

Stéphane Prigent

Drawings by Stéphane Prigent.

Artist Stéphane Prigent
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01.06.10 by Jeff

Michael Rytz

Drawings by Michael Rytz. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Illustrator Michael Rytz illustration drawing
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26.05.10 by Jeff

Matt Leines

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been in Tokyo! It was a nice surprise to meet Matt Leines in Yokohama. The third photo down is one of my favourites from the entire trip.

artist painter painting drawing matt leines japan yokohama
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