09.05.11 by Jeff

Matthew Lock

Drawings by Matthew Lock.

drawings by Artist Matthew Lock
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06.04.11 by Jeff

Marc Hennes

Drawings by Marc Hennes.

Artist Marc Hennes
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24.03.11 by Jeff

Mara Caffarone

Paintings by Mara Caffarone. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

artist mara caffarone painter painting
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14.03.11 by Jeff

Japan Disaster Relief

In an effort to support the Japan Disaster Relief, artist Kenichi Hoshine is auctioning off work on ebay right now for $1 with no reserve. He will donate 100% towards the relief via Red Cross. You can bid on the painting here, and the drawing here.

Kenichi Hoshine painting and drawing - Japan Disaster Relief
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11.03.11 by Jeff

Sam Winston

Sam Winston has finished the other half of his incredible “Birth-day” drawing. 70,000 black circles on white paper to accompany the 100,000 white circles on black paper. The drawings represent the number of deaths and births (respectively) in a waking day.

birth-day sam winston drawing
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10.03.11 by Jeff

Justin Lee Williams

Some new work from Justin Lee Williams.

artist justin lee williams paintings drawings
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02.03.11 by Jeff

Saddo Jdero

Beautiful works by Raul Oprea aka Saddo Jdero.

artist raul oprea saddo jdero
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02.03.11 by Jeff

Sam Winston

“Birth-day” by Sam Winston. It took Sam more than a month to draw 100,000 white circles on a black sheet of paper, representing the number of births that occur every waking day (12 hours).

birth-day drawing by sam winston

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