20.10.10 by Jeff

Ivonne Dippmann

Drawings by Ivonne Dippmann. Berlin, Germany.

artist ivonne dippmann drawings berlin germany
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19.10.10 by Jeff

Mari Kanstad Johnsen

Drawings by Mari Kanstad Johnsen.

artist mari kanstad johnsen drawings
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18.10.10 by Jeff

Jay Howell x Lifetime Giveaway

The guys over at Lifetime Collective have hooked me up with a tee shirt and an original drawing by San Francisco based artist, Jay Howell! This is not a print, this is an original drawing! Who wants it?

jay howell lifetime collective giveaway drawing t-shirt

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14.10.10 by Jeff

Will Laren

Funny drawings by Will Laren.

artist drawing will laren comics
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13.10.10 by Jeff

Ian Stevenson

Drawings by Ian Stevenson.

artist ian stevenson drawing
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08.10.10 by Jeff

Leah Wolff

Drawings and sculptures by Leah Wolff.

artist leah wolff drawings sculptures
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08.10.10 by Jeff

Jared Africa

Drawings by Jared Africa.

artist jared africa drawings
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06.10.10 by Jeff

Patrick Lee

“Deadly Friends”, graphite drawings by Patrick Lee.

graphite drawings deadly friends patrick lee
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