30.08.11 by Jeff

Dave Kinsey

More work from Dave Kinsey.

Artist Dave Kinsey painter painting drawing
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20.07.11 by Jeff

Ginette Lapalme

A drawing by Ginette Lapalme, based on an old french illustration.

Artist Ginette Lapalme

See the original below! Love to see a series of these!

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14.07.11 by Jeff

Leyva Omero

Drawings by Leyva Omero.

drawings by Artist Leyva Omero
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15.06.11 by Jeff

John Broadley

Drawings by John Broadley.

Artist John Broadley drawings
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09.06.11 by Jeff

Yoshiko Fukushima

Drawings and paintings by Yoshiko Fukushima. Nagano, Japan.

Artist painter Yoshiko Fukushima painting
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09.06.11 by Jeff

Betsy Walton

More drawings by Betsy Walton.

Artist Betsy Walton drawings
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18.05.11 by Jeff

Hellen Jo

Drawings by Hellen Jo. I like her URL choice.

Artist illustrator Hellen Jo drawings illustration
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09.05.11 by Jeff

Matthew Lock

Drawings by Matthew Lock.

drawings by Artist Matthew Lock
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