09.09.09 by Jeff

Amos Goldbaum

Drawings by Amos Goldbaum. San Francisco.

san francisco amos goldbaum drawing artist art
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03.09.09 by Jeff

Shawn Creeden

Drawings of bats by Shawn Creeden.

shawn creeden artist drawing bat
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02.09.09 by Jeff

Good vs Evil Magazine

Nice little zine worth peepin’ at, Good Vs Evil.

good vs evil magazine art drawing
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31.08.09 by Jeff

Scott Teplin

Crashes, a series of graphite drawings by Scott Teplin.

scott teplin crashes graphite ink watercolor drawing
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24.08.09 by Jeff

Albert Reyes

Drawings by Albert Reyes.

albert reyes artist drawing
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24.08.09 by Jeff

Shawn Kuruneru

I posted about Shawn Kuruneru earlier this month and oh, what have we here? A zine filled with his drawings! Thanks Shawn.

shawn kuruneru drawing artist montreal ink ballpoint zine
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20.08.09 by Jeff

Taylor McKimens

Installations by Taylor McKimens. Brooklyn.

taylor mckimens new york artist drawing
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19.08.09 by Jeff

Julie Morstad

Drawings by Julie Morstad. Vancouver.

julie morstad vancouver illustrator illustration drawing
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