25.09.09 by Jeff

Gala Bent

Drawings by Angela Garrels aka Gala Bent.

angela garrels gala bent drawing artist
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25.09.09 by Jeff

Nimit Malavia

Drawings by Nimit Malavia. Toronto.

nimit malavia drawing illustration illustrator
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23.09.09 by Jeff

Justin Nelson

Drawings by Justin Nelson.

justin nelson artist drawing art
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23.09.09 by Jeff

Irena Zablotska

Illustrations by Irena Zablotska. Lviv, Ukraine.

irena zablotska illustrator illustration drawing ukraine
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22.09.09 by Jeff

Mitchell Spider

Drawings by Mitchell Spider.

mitchel spider artist drawing sketch illustration
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21.09.09 by Jeff

Will Ritson

Drawings by Will Ritson.

will ritson drawing illustration illustrator
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17.09.09 by Jeff

Julien Kedryna

Julien Kedryna sent me a hilarious little package filled with drawings, buttons, even a cigarette. I love this message on the outside because it’s a reference to the one I got from Porous Walker.

julien kedryna drawing Modèle Puissance
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16.09.09 by Jeff

Charlie Roberts

Amazing gouache and ink work from Charlie Roberts.

charlie roberts drawing painter painting
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