18.11.09 by Jeff

Andrew Pommier

Paintings by Andrew Pommier. Andrew came out to our Tangents show and mentioned he’s having an open house at his studio (142 W. Hastings) on November 21 (2 – 9pm). Be there.

andrew pommier artist painter painting drawing
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18.11.09 by Jeff

Justin Lee Williams

Justin Lee Williams finally puts together a proper website!

justin lee williams artist drawing australia
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17.11.09 by Jeff

Jay Howell

Drawings by Jay Howell. San Francisco.

jay howell drawing painting artist
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16.11.09 by Jeff

Miss Lotion

Paintings and drawings by Miss Lotion. Copenhagen.

miss lotion drawing painter painting illustrator illustration
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16.11.09 by Jeff

Manfred Naescher

The Endless Summer by Manfred Naescher. Berlin.

the endless summer zine drawing painting manfred naescher
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12.11.09 by Jeff

Kelly Allen

Gouache paintings, drawings, and collages by Kelly Allen.

kelly allen artist painter painting drawing mixed media
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10.11.09 by Jeff

Hollis Brown Thornton

Marker drawings by Hollis Brown Thornton.

hollis brown thornton artist drawing
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05.11.09 by Jeff

Donny Nguyen

Sketches by Donny Nguyen. Toronto.

donny nguyen illustration illustrator drawing
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