18.06.09 by Jeff

Will Bryant

Mixed-media collagey goodness by Will Bryant (whom I mentioned before). These are older works but I came across them again recently and I call the shots around here so this is what you get.

will bryant drawing mixed media collage illustration
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17.06.09 by Jeff

Fionn McCabe

Drawings by Fionn McCabe.

fionn mccabe drawing artist
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17.06.09 by Jeff

Kenn Goodall

Drawings by Kenn Goodall. London.

kenn goodall drawing sketch book
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16.06.09 by Jeff

Melissa L. Bolger

Drawings by Melissa Bolger. Oakland, California.

melissa bolger drawing illustration painting artist
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11.06.09 by Jeff

Eric Yahnker

Graphite drawings from the twisted mind of Eric Yahnker.

eric yahnker graphite drawing artist
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11.06.09 by Jeff

Leo’s Song

A beautiful little animation by Kelly Meador & Daniel Elwing a.k.a. impactist. The song was created in honor of a visiting cat named Leo.

Kelly Meador Daniel Elwing impactist animation drawing music leos song
View Leo’s Song below!

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10.06.09 by Jeff

Jaakko Pallasvuo

Drawings by Jaakko Pallasvuo. I like that ink bleed style.

jaakko pallasvuo illustrator illustration drawing
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09.06.09 by Jeff

Richard Colman

Illustrations by Richard Colman. Especially love this one.

richard colman illustrator drawing illustration
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