24.07.09 by Jeff

Rhonda / James Paterson

This is AMAZING. James Paterson creates a drawing using Rhonda, a 3D tool designed by Amit Pitaru. I must get my hands on this!

james paterson rhonda drawing tool 3d amit pitaru

Watch the incredible video below!

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23.07.09 by Jeff

Shohei Takasaki

Drawings by Shohei Takasaki. Tokyo. Quite a refreshing style.

shohei takasaki drawing illustration illustrator artist
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22.07.09 by Jeff

Ashley Lande Brown

Drawings by Ashley Lande Brown.

drawing ashley lande brown artist
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21.07.09 by Jeff

Jay Cover

Drawings by Jay Cover (formerly known as Macho Goose).

jay cover jason nous vous illustrator illustration drawing artist macho goose
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20.07.09 by Jeff

Siri Hol

The Faces Series, by Siri Hol. Netherlands. Love these!

siri hol drawing painting illustration illustrator
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20.07.09 by Jeff

Anthony Zinonos

Collages by Anthony Zinonos. Norwich, UK.

anthony zinonos collage drawing artist
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17.07.09 by Jeff


Intervervalometer is a neat little time-lapse drawing by The Outcrowd Collective. I like the use of cut paper and the part where it goes from day to night is excellent!

Intervervalometer the outcrowd collective

Watch the video below!

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16.07.09 by Jeff

Shigeru Ito

Drawings by Shigeru Ito, a Japanese artist living in Bangkok, Thailand. They’d fit nicely in a Miyazaki film, no?

shigeru ito drawing japanese artist
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