12.11.09 by Jeff

Kelly Allen

Gouache paintings, drawings, and collages by Kelly Allen.

kelly allen artist painter painting drawing mixed media
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10.11.09 by Jeff

Hollis Brown Thornton

Marker drawings by Hollis Brown Thornton.

hollis brown thornton artist drawing
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05.11.09 by Jeff

Donny Nguyen

Sketches by Donny Nguyen. Toronto.

donny nguyen illustration illustrator drawing
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03.11.09 by Jeff

Joao Ruas

Drawings by Joao Ruas.

joao ruas artist drawing illustrator illustration
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30.10.09 by Jeff

Jenny Kendler

Drawings by Jenny Kendler.

jenny kendler artist drawing painting
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27.10.09 by Jeff

Daniel Brereton

Drawings by Daniel Brereton aka DHP aka Daniel Has Potential.

daniel has potential brereton DHP artist
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23.10.09 by Jeff

Matt Pagett

Drawings by Matt Pagett.

matt pagett artist drawing
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23.10.09 by Jeff

Timothy Nolan

Drawings (some with tape, like this first one) by Timothy Nolan.

timothy nolan artist drawing installation
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