24.06.09 by Jeff

Tessar Lo

Paintings by Tessar Lo. Toronto.

tessar lo illustrator illustration drawing painting
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23.06.09 by Jeff

Isabelle Boinot

Drawings (and random sketchbook pages) by Isabelle Boinot.

isabelle boinot drawing sketch book
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19.06.09 by Jeff

Eli Horn

Lovin’ this painting by Eli Horn.

eli horn drawing painting painter illustration artist
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18.06.09 by Jeff

Jason Rood

Drawings by Jason Rood.

jason rood drawings illustration
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18.06.09 by Jeff

Rachel Mosler

Drawings by Rachel Mosler.

rachel mosler drawing artist
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18.06.09 by Jeff

Will Bryant

Mixed-media collagey goodness by Will Bryant (whom I mentioned before). These are older works but I came across them again recently and I call the shots around here so this is what you get.

will bryant drawing mixed media collage illustration
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17.06.09 by Jeff

Fionn McCabe

Drawings by Fionn McCabe.

fionn mccabe drawing artist
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