12.08.09 by Jeff


New drawings by Ghostpatrol just hit my inbox – “me playing the video games that changed my life”. For me it was Golden Axe at Laser Illusions (the arcade in the mall).

golden axe video game drawing ghostpatrol
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12.08.09 by Jeff

Oliver Van Der Lugt

Drawings by Oliver Van Der Lugt (Oliver Of The Sky). Berlin.

oliver of the sky van der lugt drawing
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11.08.09 by Jeff

Verity Keniger

Drawings by Verity Keniger. UK.

verity keniger drawing illustration
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10.08.09 by Jeff

Edward Kinsella

Illustrations and various sketches by Edward Kinsella. Arkansas.

edward kinsella illustration illustrator sketch drawing
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07.08.09 by Jeff


Drawings by Swampdonkey. Oakland.

swampdonkey swmpdnky drawing swampy
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07.08.09 by Jeff

Michael Krueger

Drawings by Michael Krueger. Kansas.

michael krueger drawing artist kansas lawrence
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06.08.09 by Jeff

Didier Blondeau

Drawings by Didier Blondeau. France.

didier blondeau drawing artist art france
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04.08.09 by Jeff

Anna Emilia Laitinen

Paintings by Anna Emilia Laitinen. Finland.

anna emilia laitinen painter painting artist drawing
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