15.05.09 by Jeff

Carrie Marill

Some nice gouache work by Carrie Marill.

carrie marill gouache painting drawing
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11.05.09 by Jeff

Sarajo Frieden

Drawings by Sarajo Frieden. Los Angeles.

sarajo frieden illustration illustrator drawing
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08.05.09 by Jeff

Keith Shore

Paintings by Keith Shore.

keith shore painting illustration drawing
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07.05.09 by Jeff

William Crump

Drawings by William Crump. New York.

william crump drawing
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05.05.09 by Jeff

Camilla Engman

Paintings by Camilla Engman.

camilla engman illustration painting
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05.05.09 by Jeff

Brecht Vandenbroucke

Drawings by Brecht Vandenbroucke. I find there’s something really frightening about most of these.

brecht vandenbroucke drawing illustrator illustration
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04.05.09 by Jeff

Zachary Rossman

Drawings and sculptures by Zachary Rossman. Love the style.

zachary rossman drawing illustration sculpture
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28.04.09 by Jeff

Brieana Ruais

Drawings by Brieana Ruais. She’s got a thing for vampires. This first one was made with a needle and thread!

brieana ruais drawings embroidery
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