20.07.09 by Jeff

Siri Hol

The Faces Series, by Siri Hol. Netherlands. Love these!

siri hol drawing painting illustration illustrator
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20.07.09 by Jeff

Anthony Zinonos

Collages by Anthony Zinonos. Norwich, UK.

anthony zinonos collage drawing artist
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17.07.09 by Jeff


Intervervalometer is a neat little time-lapse drawing by The Outcrowd Collective. I like the use of cut paper and the part where it goes from day to night is excellent!

Intervervalometer the outcrowd collective

Watch the video below!

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16.07.09 by Jeff

Shigeru Ito

Drawings by Shigeru Ito, a Japanese artist living in Bangkok, Thailand. They’d fit nicely in a Miyazaki film, no?

shigeru ito drawing japanese artist
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15.07.09 by Jeff

Nas Chompas

Drawings by James Mitchell aka Nas Chompas. Portland.

nas chompas james mitchell drawing art artist
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15.07.09 by Jeff

Aimee Emerson

Drawings by Aimee Emerson. Her little book gave me some good ideas!

aimee emerson drawing art line
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14.07.09 by Jeff

Ori Toor

Drawings by Ori Toor. Tel Aviv. Thank God for pencil crayons!

ori toor drawing tel aviv
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13.07.09 by Jeff

Gareth Roberts

I’m really diggin’ Gareth Roberts.

gareth roberts drawing graphic illustration
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