14.04.09 by Jeff

Ben Kruisdijk

Whiteboard collages by Ben Kruisdijk.

ben kruisdijk whiteboard collage sketchbook scrap drawing
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09.04.09 by Jeff

Martha Rich

This drawing of Marcia Brady and Ultraman in love, says it all – Martha Rich is awesome! I believe I first came across her work on Meighan’s amazing, MyLoveForYou.

martha rich drawings sketchbook collage mixed media
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08.04.09 by Jeff

Julien Kedryna

Abstract drawings by Julien Kedryna.

julien kedryna abstract drawings
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07.04.09 by Jeff

Rachell Sumpter

Gouache and pastel work by Rachell Sumpter.

rachell sumpter gouache pastel painting drawing
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07.04.09 by Jeff


Paintings and drawings by mixed media street artist, Miso. She is so awesome! Love those feathers, too.

miso drawing wheat paste painting street artist mixed media
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06.04.09 by Jeff

Maureen Gubia

Wow. Drawings and paintings by Maureen Gubia. Ecuador.

maureen gubia painting painter drawing artist
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06.04.09 by Jeff

David Fullarton

Mixed media drawings by David Fullarton. San Francisco. This kind of work always gets me excited to journal.

david fullarton notebook drawing mixed media painting journal
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03.04.09 by Jeff

Monica Canilao

Drawings and installations by the incredible, Monica Canilao (pictured). SF. Juxtapoz just posted 20 questions with her over here.

monica canilao art installation drawing mixed media
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