03.07.09 by Jeff

Ray Fenwick

Drawings by Ray Fenwick. Halifax, Nova Scotia. I really like the drawings of the friendship bracelets.

ray fenwick friendship bracelet drawing illustration illustrator letter
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29.06.09 by Jeff

Modèle Puissance

Julien Kedryna, from the drawing collective Modèle Puissance, just let me know about about the collective’s brilliant new book, Random. There are 100 copies of the book and they intentionally made more drawings than what are featured in any one copy of the book, so only 80 of the 100 books will have the same drawing. The drawings also appear in a completely different order, so each one has a new neighbor in each book.

modelepuissance art drawing book random Jean-Philippe Bretin vanessa Dziuba Julien Kedryna Nicolas Nadé

It gets better, the books feature six different types of paper which allow the viewer to identify each artist, and 20 of the 100 books feature the original drawings! Amazing!

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24.06.09 by Jeff

Tessar Lo

Paintings by Tessar Lo. Toronto.

tessar lo illustrator illustration drawing painting
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23.06.09 by Jeff

Isabelle Boinot

Drawings (and random sketchbook pages) by Isabelle Boinot.

isabelle boinot drawing sketch book
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19.06.09 by Jeff

Eli Horn

Lovin’ this painting by Eli Horn.

eli horn drawing painting painter illustration artist
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18.06.09 by Jeff

Jason Rood

Drawings by Jason Rood.

jason rood drawings illustration
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18.06.09 by Jeff

Rachel Mosler

Drawings by Rachel Mosler.

rachel mosler drawing artist
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18.06.09 by Jeff

Will Bryant

Mixed-media collagey goodness by Will Bryant (whom I mentioned before). These are older works but I came across them again recently and I call the shots around here so this is what you get.

will bryant drawing mixed media collage illustration
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