11.03.14 by Jeff

Nick Sheehy


Drawings by artist Nick Sheehy. More below.

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10.03.14 by Jeff

Isabel Seliger


Drawings by Isabel Seliger. More below.

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10.03.14 by Jeff

Jonny Negron


Some of Jonny Negron’s work is too sexually explicit for me to post here (at least based on the way I’m currently curating the site), but this is an artist with a direct line to his own subconscious. More below.

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07.03.14 by Jeff

Daniel K. Sparkes


More of artist Daniel K. Sparkes drawings (some over top of other images). Found via March Submissions. More below.

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06.03.14 by Jeff

Raymond Lemstra


Drawings by Raymond Lemstra. See more below.

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03.03.14 by Jeff

Aaron Billings


Drawings by artist Aaron Billings. See more below.

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27.02.14 by Jeff

Michael Olivo


Drawings by Michael Olivo. Found via February Submissions.

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27.02.14 by Jeff

Dane Patterson


Graphite drawings by artist Dane Patterson. More below.

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26.02.14 by Jeff

Laura Rokas


Drawings and paintings by Laura Rokas. More below.

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