07.08.14 by Jeff

Harrison Freeman


Drawings by artist Harrison Freeman. More below.

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07.08.14 by Jeff

Janice Wu


Gouache drawings by Vancouver-based artist/illustrator, Janice Wu. I previously featured her here and she remains one of my absolute favourites. See more of her work below.

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07.08.14 by Jeff

Paul White


Some recent coloured pencil drawings by Melbourne-based artist Paul White. See more below.

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05.08.14 by Jeff

Andrea Wan


Exploding heads, extinct animals, and other things by my talented friend, Andrea Wan. Lots more to see below.

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01.08.14 by Jeff

Sabine Finkenauer


Drawings by Barcelona-based artist Sabine Finkenauer. More below.

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31.07.14 by Jeff

Céli Lee


More drawings from Chinese-born, London based, artist Céli Lee. Previously featured here. More below.

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30.07.14 by Jeff

Soey Milk


Drawings by artist Soey Milk. More below.

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28.07.14 by Jeff

Caleb Hahne


Drawings by artist Caleb Hahne. Found via July Submissions. More below.

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