17.06.14 by Jeff

Jake Terrell


Comics by artist Jake Terrell. More below.

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12.06.14 by Jeff

Gorgeous Soft Pastel Drawings of the Maldives by Artist Zaria Forman


A couple years ago I posted about Zaria Forman’s stunning soft pastel drawings of Greenland (see here), her latest series features The Maldives. More process images and other finished works below!

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05.06.14 by Jeff

Bart Nijstad


Drawings and paintings by artist Bart Nijstad, based in the Netherlands. The last seven images are from an autobiographical comic called “Scuffle”.

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21.05.14 by Jeff

Na Kim


Drawings by illustrator Na Kim. Brooklyn, New York.

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14.05.14 by Jeff

Alexis Beauclair


Love these drawings by artist Alexis Beauclair. More below.

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14.05.14 by Jeff

Jazzmyn Barbosa


Drawings by artist Jazzmyn Barbosa. More below.

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14.05.14 by Jeff

Jeff Olsson


Drawings by artist Jeff Olsson. Gothenburg, Sweden. More below.

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13.05.14 by Jeff

Julianna Brion


Sketchbook pages (old recycled books) by Julianna Brion.

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