16.12.13 by Jeff

“Janky Town” by Rhek


“Janky Town” is an on-going series of drawings by Vancouver-based artist Alex Rhek. Lots more below.

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16.12.13 by Jeff

Mr. Phomer


London-based artist/illustrator Mr. Phomer. Thank you to Maria Pizzeria for the heads up. See more below!

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12.12.13 by Jeff

Matthew Houston


Drawings by artist Matthew Houston. More below.

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11.12.13 by Jeff

Dadu Shin


Terrific illustrations and doodles by Dadu Shin. More below.

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11.12.13 by Jeff

Free Marseille


Ballpoint pen drawings by RISD student Free Marseille.

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10.12.13 by Jeff

Andrzej Nowicki


Drawings and paintings by Melbourne-based Andrzej Nowicki. He was born in Poland, and grew up in South Africa.

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09.12.13 by Jeff

Greta Kotz


Drawings by artist Greta Kotz from Minneapolis, Minnesota. See more of her work below!

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05.12.13 by Jeff

Jacob van Loon


Drawings by Chicago-based artist, Jacob van Loon. Found via the December Submissions. More below!

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