14.11.13 by Jeff

Hannah Scott

Drawings by artist Hannah Scott

Drawings by Hannah Scott. Wichita, Kansas. More below!

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12.11.13 by Jeff

Robot Created Drawings by Matthias Dörfelt

Robot Created Drawings by Matthias Dörfelt

“Mechanical Parts” is a series of drawings by Robo Faber, an autonomous drawing robot created by Matthias Dörfelt. His thought process for making drawings has been programmed into Robo Faber. As time passes Dörfelt’s process will inevitably change, but the robot will continue to drawing the same way, and represent a really specific time in terms of the designer’s creative thinking.

Watch Robo Faber make drawings in the video below!

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24.10.13 by Jeff

Cahill Wessel

Drawings by artist Cahill Wessel

Coloured pencil on paper 18″ X 24″


Drawings by Cahill Wessel. Another fantastic submission to the October Submissions open call (Yes, I’m still checking it). See more drawings below!

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21.10.13 by Jeff

Alicia Reyes McNamara

Artist Alicia Reyes McNamara

Coloured pencil drawings by Alicia Reyes McNamara. Submitted here. See more below!

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18.10.13 by Jeff

James Lee

Artist James Lee

Drawings by James Lee. Submitted via the October Submissions post. See more below!

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17.10.13 by Jeff

Joe Sinness

Drawings by artist Joe Sinness

Coloured pencil drawings by Joe Sinness. See lots more below!

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05.10.13 by Jeff

Helice Wen

Artist painter Helice Wen

Drawings and paintings by artist Helice Wen. San Francisco. See more below!

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04.10.13 by Jeff

Sam Yong

Artist Sam Yong drawings

Some works from “Unnatural Selection” Sam Yong’s solo show which debuts next month in Melbourne. See more drawings below!

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