04.04.13 by Jeff

Yuki Kitazumi

Artist Yuki Kitazumi
Illustrations by Yuki Kitazumi.

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03.04.13 by Jeff

Annu Kilpelainen

Artist Annu Kilpelainen
Drawings by Finnish illustrator, Annu Kilpelainen. London.

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02.04.13 by Jeff

Charlotte Mei

Artist Charlotte Mei

Artist Charlotte Mei
These tiger rings by Charlotte Mei are the best. Actually everything she makes is. More below!

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02.04.13 by Jeff

Winnie Truong

The Other Ends by Artist Winnie Truong
“The Other Ends”, beautiful new works by Toronto-based Winnie Truong. Her show opens in New York on April 4th, at Mulherin + Pollard. Lots more images below!

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29.03.13 by Jeff

Iris van Dongen

Drawings by artist Iris van Dongen
Pastel and charcoal drawings by Iris van Dongen.

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22.03.13 by Jeff

Anthony Goicolea

Artist Anthony Goicolea
Drawings by Anthony Goicolea.

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21.03.13 by Jeff

Daehyun Kim

Drawings by artist Daehyun Kim Moonassi
Drawings by Daehyun Kim, also known as Moonassi.

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19.03.13 by Jeff

Edie Fake

Artist Edie Fake
“Memory Palaces”, ballpoint pen, ink, gouache, drawings by Edie Fake. The series is a re-imagining of places in Chicago’s queer history – some real, some not.

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18.03.13 by Jeff

Paulette Jo

Artist Paulette Jo
Drawings by Paulette Jo. Guadalajara, Mexico.

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