01.08.13 by Jeff

Sketchbook drawings by Craww

Sketchbook drawings by artist Craww

I recently started following @Craww on Instagram and it was a good life decision. I like his paintings a lot but there is something extra special about his sketchbook drawings. Take a look at a whole bunch more below!


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01.08.13 by Jeff

Allyce Wood

Drawings by artist Allyce Wood

Drawings by Allyce Wood. Seattle. Submitted via Tumblr.

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30.07.13 by Jeff

Erik Svetoft

Drawings by artist Erik Svetoft

Drawings by artist Erik Svetoft.

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30.07.13 by Jeff

Nick Sheehy

Drawings by artist Nick Sheehy

Drawings by Nick Sheehy. England. See more below!

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29.07.13 by Jeff

Alessia Iannetti

Artist Alessia Iannetti

Drawings by Alessia Iannetti. See more below!

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24.07.13 by Jeff

Maximillian Quy

Artist Illustrator Maximillian Quy

Drawings by artist illustrator Maximillian Quy. Auckland, New Zealand. Lots more below!

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23.07.13 by Jeff

Incredible Map Drawings by Artist Ed Fairburn

Map portraits drawings by artist Ed Fairburn

Artist Ed Fairburn draws fantastic portraits of people, on old maps. If maps and drawings are your thing your head may explode when you see all the images below! You’ll also dig Miso’s work (here). See lots more of Fairburn’s work below!

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19.07.13 by Jeff

Allison Sommers

Artist Allison Sommers

Drawings by Allison Sommers. More below!

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