27.02.14 by Jeff

Dane Patterson


Graphite drawings by artist Dane Patterson. More below.

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26.02.14 by Jeff

Laura Rokas


Drawings and paintings by Laura Rokas. More below.

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21.02.14 by Jeff

Rita Voloh


These drawings by Rita Voloh are insane (in the best possible way). Volgograd, Russia. See more below.

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20.02.14 by Staff

Camille Smithwick

pencil illustrations by Camille Smithwick

Drawings by Camille Smithwick. More below.

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04.02.14 by Jeff

Joao Ruas


Incredible new works by Joao Ruas, from his solo show “VERSO” at Thinkspace Gallery.

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03.02.14 by Jeff

Zachari Logan


Pencil and pastel drawings by Zachari Logan. More below.

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30.01.14 by Jeff

Adriana Crespo


Drawings by artist Adriana Crespo, from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

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30.01.14 by Jeff

Christine Odlund


Drawings by artist Christine Odlund. See more below.

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