04.10.13 by Jeff

Sam Yong

Artist Sam Yong drawings

Some works from “Unnatural Selection” Sam Yong’s solo show which debuts next month in Melbourne. See more drawings below!

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03.10.13 by Jeff

Incredible scroll drawings created inside a moving car by Carl Krull

scroll drawings inside a car by artist carl krull

A series of incredible scroll drawings by artist Carl Krull. The obsessiveness of the line work is impressive but what’s more impressive is that these were drawn, line by line in the passenger seat of a car, during a road trip across the United States. Every bump in the road was incorporated into the drawings.

Watch the video below!

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01.10.13 by Jeff

Mandy Tsung

Drawings and paintings by artist Mandy Tsung

Drawings and paintings by Mandy Tsung. Vancouver. More below!

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01.10.13 by Jeff

Vicki Ling

Drawings by artist Vicki Ling

Graphite drawings by Vicki Ling. See more below!

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30.09.13 by Jeff

Souther Salazar

Artist Souther Salazar

Paintings by Souther Salazar. See more below!

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23.09.13 by Jeff

Ian Ingram

Drawings by artist Ian Ingram

Incredible charcoal and pastel drawings by artist Ian Ingram. See more below!

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19.09.13 by Jeff

CJ Hendry

Drawings by CJ Hendry

Incredible photorealist drawings by artist CJ Hendry. Take a look at lots more images and a video below!

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11.09.13 by Jeff

“Thing” by Daniel Mercadante

thing ipad drawings by artist Daniel Mercadante

“Thing”, drawings by Daniel Mercadante. You can really see his versatility in the images below!

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