06.04.12 by Jeff

Mathew Borrett

Drawings by artist Mathew Borrett
“Room Series”, drawings by Mathew Borrett.

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05.04.12 by Jeff

Selena Wong

Artist Selena Wong
“Preserved Collection”, gouache works by Selena Wong.

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03.04.12 by Jeff

Bette Burgoyne

Drawings by artist Bette Burgoyne
Drawings by Bette Burgoyne.

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31.03.12 by Jeff

Elli Popp / Giveaway

Elli Popp Cup and Saucer Giveaway drawings by Edwyn Collins
You may have seen me post this photo to my instagram a couple days ago and yes, it is our next giveaway! Elli Popp sent over these beautiful ceramics featuring drawings by Edwyn Collins (had to link it for the Empire Records fans). So who wants ‘em?

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30.03.12 by Jeff

Reveries Of A Lost Life Mask

“Reveries Of A Lost Life Mask” by Aurel Schmidt and Franz Wright.

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29.03.12 by Jeff

Gala Bent

Drawings by artist Gala Bent
Drawings by Gala Bent.

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28.03.12 by Jeff

Sam Vanallemeersch

Drawings by artist Sam Vanallemeersch
Drawings by Sam Vanallemeersch.

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27.03.12 by Jeff

Fionn McCabe

Drawings by artist Fionn McCabe
Drawings by Fionn McCabe.

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