13.01.14 by Jeff

Artist Yue Wu Likes It On Instagram And Then He Draws It


My friend artist Yue Wu has started a fun series of drawings on his Instagram (@wuyue5). Each day he draws the things that he likes on Instagram, and the drawings are tagged so you can click through to the original account and look for the photo.

See more below.

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03.01.14 by Jeff

Movie Maps by Illustrator Andrew Degraff


Love these maps based on popular movies, by illustrator Andrew Degraff. The first three are the Indiana Jones films, the next three are Star Wars, and I had to throw Goonies in there. See them all below.

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02.01.14 by Jeff

George Schmidt


Artist George Schmidt made a drawing every day of 2013. Below is a small selection of them.

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31.12.13 by Jeff

Nacho Valgañón

nacho-Drawings by artist Nacho Valgañón-01

Drawings by artist Nacho Valgañón. See more below.

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30.12.13 by Jeff

Betsy Walton

artist betsy walton

Works by Betsy Walton (previously here and here). More below.

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30.12.13 by Jeff

Stunning Pastel Drawings of Greenland by Artist Zaria Forman

pastel drawings of greenland chasing light by artist zaria forman

Absolutely gorgeous soft pastel drawings by artist Zaria Forman. See the finished version of this piece and lots more below.

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30.12.13 by Jeff

“Whales and Ships and Icebergs” 50 Drawings by Sophie Blackall

drawings by artist sophie blackall

Love these little drawings by illustrator Sophie Blackall. See some larger images below.

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27.12.13 by Jeff

Paul White


Coloured pencil drawings by Paul White. Melbourne, Australia. More below.

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