24.07.12 by Jeff

Trenton Doyle Hancock

Artist Trenton Doyle Hancock
Mixed media drawings by Trenton Doyle Hancock.

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23.07.12 by Jeff

Liam Stevens

Drawings by illustrator Liam Stevens
Drawings by Liam Stevens.

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21.07.12 by Jeff

Julia Randall

Bubble gum drawings by artist Julia Randall
“Blown”, coloured pencil drawings by Julia Randall.

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20.07.12 by Jeff

Steve Kim

Drawings by artist Steve Kim
Drawings by Steve Kim.

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13.07.12 by Jeff

Leif Parsons

Artist Leif Parsons
Drawings, collages, and sculptures by Leif Parsons. I love the idea of placing objects in space and photographing them to create drawings.

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12.07.12 by Jeff

Megan Diddie

Mixed media drawings by artist Megan Diddie
Beautiful ink and watercolour works by Megan Diddie.

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11.07.12 by Jeff

Ignacio Gatica Rojas

Artist Ignacio Gatica Rojas
Drawings and paintings by Ignacio Gatica Rojas.

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09.07.12 by Jeff

Gillian Lambert

Drawings by artist Gillian Lambert
Drawings by Gillian Lambert.

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