15.06.12 by Jeff

James Ulmer

Drawings by artist James Ulmer
Drawings by James Ulmer.

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14.06.12 by Jeff

Sougwen Chung

Drawings by artist Sougwen Chung
Drawings by Sougwen Chung.

I posted her work a few years ago and we got to hang when she came to Vancouver a couple weeks ago. She has a brilliant mind, so many ideas. I could actually feel my brain expanding when we talked. Lately she’s been experimenting with projection mapping and origami, and touring with Sepalcure (handling their live visuals). She’s killing it.

More drawings and a couple videos below!

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13.06.12 by Jeff

Angela Dalinger

Drawings by illustrator Angela Dalinger
Drawings by Angela Dalinger.

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12.06.12 by Jeff

Carine Brancowitz

Drawings by Carine Brancowitz
Drawings by Carine Brancowitz.

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11.06.12 by Jeff

Morgan Blair

Artist Morgan Blair
Graphite, acrylic and spray works by Morgan Blair. Amazing how much her work has evolved since I posted about her three years ago (here).

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05.06.12 by Jeff

Kids Draw the News

Kids Draw The News / New York Times
Ben Raviv, 6, Israel

Kids Draw the News is on-going feature in the New York Times where children illustrate current events! Love this idea! The drawings I’ve included here are all for a story about a Manhole Cover Mystery. If you’ve got kids you should submit their drawings!

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30.05.12 by Jeff

Keegan McHargue

Drawings and paintings by Keegan McHargue
Drawings and paintings by Keegan McHargue.

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29.05.12 by Jeff

Ben Blatt

Drawings and paintings by artist Ben Blatt
Drawings and paintings by Ben Blatt.

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23.05.12 by Jeff

Fumi Mini Nakamura

Artist Fumi Mini Nakamura
Drawings by Fumi Mini Nakamura.

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