30.07.13 by Jeff

Maurizio Anzeri

Artist Maurizio Anzeri

Embroidery on found vintage photographs, by Maurizio Anzeri. See more below!

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27.06.13 by Jeff

Morgan Watt

Embroidery by artist Morgan Watt
Embroidered works by Vancouver-born, New York-based, artist Morgan Watt. See more below!

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21.05.13 by Jeff

Embroidered portraits by Cayce Zavaglia

embroidered portraits by artist cayce zavaglia
Amazing embroidered portraits by Cayce Zavaglia. See the fascinating opposite side of the image above as well as more portraits below!

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22.04.13 by Jeff

Ana Teresa Barboza

Artist Ana Teresa Barboza

Artist Ana Teresa Barboza
Drawings and embroidery by Ana Teresa Barboza.

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11.03.13 by Jeff

Emily Barletta

Artist Emily Barletta

Artist Emily Barletta
Embroidery on paper by Emily Barletta.

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31.01.13 by Jeff

Diane Meyer

Artist Diane Meyer
“Time Spent That Might Otherwise Be Forgotten”, photos from various points in Diane Meyer’s life obscured by embroidered pixels.

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01.10.12 by Jeff

Max Colby

Artist Max Colby
Embroidery on collagraph prints by Max Colby.

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03.09.12 by Jeff

Jacob Magraw

Artist Jacob Magraw
Drawings, paintings, and embroidery by Jacob Magraw.

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