21.07.10 by Jeff

Little Drifters / Update

Another submission to our Little Drifters project. This one is from Emma at Hiltingbury Lakes in Southampton, England! Love it!

little drifters projects booooooom

Full instructions here. Email your photos here. Deadline is Monday.

18.08.09 by Jeff

Jacob Lillis

Photos by Jacob Lillis. Leeds, England.

jacob lillis photographer photography
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08.07.09 by Jeff

Max Pigott

Photos by Max Pigott. Milton Keynes and Plymouth, England.

max pigott photographer photography england
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01.10.08 by Jeff

Eleanor Hardwick

Beautiful series of photos by Eleanor Hardwick for the home project. I feel I have to mention that Ms. Hardwick was born in 1993 – you do the math. Ridiculous!!! I’ve looked at her portfolio long enough, where’s that tub of ice cream and all my Sandra Bullock movies? October 1st is the day I officially stopped trying.

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