28.09.11 by Jeff

27 Waldos

Not too long ago Islands Fold proposed the idea of a collection of artists each creating their own unique version of Waldo (or Wally depending on your location). The artists would also imagine an environment for him to hide in. Somehow this amazing idea was rejected by the company who owns the rights. What a colossal mistake!

wheres waldo wally book idea proposal islands fold

Can you tell who drew each of these? See a full artist list below!

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27.02.09 by Jeff

Esther Pearl Watson

I love these paintings by Esther Pearl Watson! Growing up, her father liked to build huge flying saucers out of scrap metal and car engines, and now her father’s hobby lives on in her work. I have always loved the idea of Calvin and Hobbes in that, Calvin is the only one who sees Hobbes as a living tiger. These paintings capture that same kind of thing – giant scraps of metal from one point of view, and yet hovering all around town from another.

esther pearl watson painter painting illustration
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