25.01.16 by Jeff

Instagram of the Day: Weird Hybrid Celebrity Portraits by @gesichtermix


Photoshop wizard gesichermix seamlessly combines two well known celebrities into single, vaguely familiar portraits. They’re kinda unsettling. See how many faces you can recognize in the combinations below!

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22.04.15 by Jeff

Subway Makeup: Artist Recreates Defaced Subway Posters Using Cosmetics


“Subway Makeup” is an on-going project by Brooklyn-based artist Lydia Cambron in which she recreates defaced subways posters using her own face and various cosmetics. More images from her series below.

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27.05.13 by Jeff

The Vein “Magma”

The Vein / Magma
Dvein’s first music video for The Vein. Watch below!

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22.12.11 by Jeff

Geometric Bang

Street faces artist Geometric bang
Would love to see these little faces by Geometric Bang on my street.

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09.08.10 by Jeff

Justine Khamara

Cut photographs by Justine Khamara. Melbourne, Australia.

justine khamara artist cut photographs installations sculptures
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