28.12.09 by Jeff

Stevie Dacanay

Photos by Stevie Dacanay. Los Angeles.

stevie dacanay photography photographer
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19.10.09 by Jeff

Yuanyuan Yang

Photos by Yuanyuan Yang.

yuanyuan yang photographer photography luka young
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04.09.09 by Jeff

Heather Maxwell-Hall

Photos by Heather Maxwell-Hall. +1 point for being from Vancouver and another +2 points for being a Booooooom Flickr Pool veteran!

heather maxwell-hall beebs flickr vancouver
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24.08.09 by Jeff

Liliya Gabdrakhmanova

Photos by Liliya Gabdrakhmanova. Russia.

Liliya Gabdrakhmanova photographer photography russia
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12.08.09 by Jeff

Sasha Borodinova

Photos by Sasha Borodinova. Moscow.

sasha borodinova photographer photography
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11.08.09 by Jeff

Kim Walker

Photos by Kim Peter Walker. UK.

kim peter walker photographer photography
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22.06.09 by Jeff

Cao Tieou aka Autorun

Photos by Autorun. Beijing. I try to avoid posting work when I don’t know the person’s real name but maybe someone can translate the Chinese for me? UPDATE: Cao just emailed me! Mystery solved.

autorun flickr photographer photography beijing
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05.06.09 by Jeff

Grant Hamilton

Gorgeous polaroid series called Geometries, by Grant Hamilton.

grant hamilton polaroid photographer photography
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