17.08.15 by Staff

Mini Documentary of the Day: The Wanderlust of #Vanlife

van-lifePhoto via Van Life

You may remember a post about Foster Huntington’s Kickstarter for The Cinder Cone back in February. Huntington was also the man behind the #vanlife hashtag on Instagram, cataloguing the time he spent living out of his camper van.

“The Wanderlust of #Vanlife” is a short documentary, produced by The Atlantic, focusing on the people who choose to undertake the van lifestyle and the community it’s created. Watch the video below!

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02.06.15 by Staff

Best of Kickstarter and Video of the Day: The Cinder Cone



Around this time last year Foster Huntington decided to build the ultimate tree house and skate bowl. With the help of his friends (some professional carpenters/some not), Huntington was able to make his dream a reality. Having documented the project from start to finish, Huntington is now starting a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of publishing a book that will inspire others. Watch the video of The Cinder Cone below.

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19.12.13 by Jeff

“Gone Tomorrow” by Ian Durkin


I should have never watched this, now I won’t be able to work for the rest of the day. Ian Durkin met up with Mr. Van Life Foster Huntington and, well, if you know who either of them are you, know what they did for the next ten days.

If anyone needs me I’ll be on Craigslist looking for camper vans. Watch the video below!

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29.09.13 by Jeff

Best of Kickstarter: “Home Is Where You Park It” by Foster Huntington

Best of Kickstarter: Home Is Where You Park It book by Foster Huntington

In July 2011, Foster Huntington (@fosterhunting) left his job and moved out of his NY apartment and hit the road in his VW Vanagon. In two years he put more than 80,000 miles on his odometer, surfing, and meeting other people who were also living in their vans. He started documenting these vehicles and tagging them with #vanlife on Instagram.

Foster is now raising money to publish a book of his travels called “Home Is Where You Park It”. Take a look at the video below!

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22.08.13 by Jeff

Best of Instagram: Week 10

Here ya go, this week’s Best of Instagram, aka the “Insta Grammy Awards”. If you’re new here, this is my on-going feature highlighting people on Instagram worth following. As much as possible I’ll be featuring people with smaller followings (Foster is the exception this week).

If you’d like to be considered for a future post, follow me and/or leave me a message on my Instagram @jeffhamada.

Best of Instagram: Week 10 instgrammys

@miranda_girl – Lauren Miranda


Best of Instagram: Week 10 instgrammys

@sylvieweber – Sylvie Weber


Best of Instagram: Week 10 instgrammys

@brianwferry – Brian Ferry


Best of Instagram: Week 10 instgrammys

@baileyelaine – Bailey Richardson


Best of Instagram: Week 10 instgrammys

@fosterhunting – Foster Huntington


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