21.07.12 by Jeff


Billboard paintings by street artist ox
Billboards takeovers by Ox.

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24.05.12 by Jeff

Greetings: Kyle Field + Nathaniel Russell + Alia Shawkat

Kyle Field Nathaniel Russell Alia Shawkat
God, I wish I was in Paris. This is a general on-going wish but tonight especially as it is the opening of Greetings.

Artists Kyle Field, Nathaniel Russell, and Alia Shawkat (yes, Maeby from Arrested Development) have been staying in the countryside in France making work especially for the show! Danielle Rubi, a talented photographer in her own right, curated the show.

Whole bunch of sneak peek photos below!

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26.10.11 by Jeff


There’s a group show curated by JSBJ called “Bartholomew” up at 12 Mail Gallery right now, so if you’re in Paris you should check it out!

BARTHOLOMEW exhibit 12 mail gallery paris
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21.06.10 by Jeff

Remake of 1982 World Cup

In honour of the World Cup, I present you with the greatest video on the entire internet! “Refait” is a remake of the 1982 World Cup match between France and Germany. Every detail of the fifteen last minutes of the match was painstakingly reconstructed by Pied La Biche. The sheer pointlessness of it all is hilarious. Enjoy.

Refait Remake of 1982 football World Cup France Germany

Watch the video below!

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06.06.10 by Jeff

Let’s Colour

A couple months ago I received an invitation to Jodhpur, India, to be a part of the Let’s Colour project. The idea was to bring colour to community spaces around the world in an effort to encourage the people in those areas.

Let's Colour Project Dulux Walls jodhpur india

I got a rush visa and was all set to go but there was a mix-up with my flights and I couldn’t get there in time. Lucky for us, award-winning director Adam Berg made it to India (as well as London, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro) and has put together a beautiful look at this inspiring project.

Watch the video below!

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19.02.10 by Jeff

Ariane Schrack

Photos by Ariane Schrack. Paris.

ariane schrack photographer photography
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10.02.10 by Jeff

Holly Stanton

Photos by Holly Stanton. Paris.

holly stanton photographer photography
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10.02.10 by Jeff

Romina Pelagatti

Drawings by Romina Pelagatti. Paris.

romina pelagatti artist drawings
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