27.03.12 by Jeff

Low Bros

Hamburg Germany Artist duo Low Bros
Paintings by QBRK and NERD also known as Low Bros.

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27.10.11 by Jeff

Felix Kiessling

Photos by Felix Kiessling. Berlin, Germany. Thanks to Marc who pointed me to Kiessling’s work via the Booooooom Tumblr.

Photographer Felix Kiessling photography
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03.02.11 by Jeff


Album is a beautiful newspaper-sized photography publication based in Offenbach, Germany. Definitely worth tracking down!

Album Magazine photography publication based in Germany
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20.08.10 by Jeff

Lukasz Wierzbowski

Earlier this summer Lukasz Wierzbowski released an absolute gem through Berlin-based PogoBooks. Get it while you can.

Photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski book
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21.06.10 by Jeff

Remake of 1982 World Cup

In honour of the World Cup, I present you with the greatest video on the entire internet! “Refait” is a remake of the 1982 World Cup match between France and Germany. Every detail of the fifteen last minutes of the match was painstakingly reconstructed by Pied La Biche. The sheer pointlessness of it all is hilarious. Enjoy.

Refait Remake of 1982 football World Cup France Germany

Watch the video below!

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09.03.10 by Jeff

Till Gerhard

Paintings by Till Gerhard. Hamburg, Germany.

Artist painter Till Gerhard painting hamburg germany
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09.03.10 by Jeff

Paul McDevitt

Paintings by Paul McDevitt. Berlin, Germany.

artist painter paul mcdevitt berlin germany
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14.12.09 by Jeff

David Schnell

Paintings by David Schnell. Germany.

david schnell one abstract artist painter painting
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