07.08.14 by Jeff

Janice Wu


Gouache drawings by Vancouver-based artist/illustrator, Janice Wu. I previously featured her here and she remains one of my absolute favourites. See more of her work below.

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03.07.13 by Jeff

Stephanie Clark

Artist Stephanie Clark
Oil and gouache works on wood panel, by Stephanie Clark.

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10.08.12 by Jeff

Eric Shaw

Artist Eric Shaw
Gouache works by Eric Shaw.

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27.07.12 by Jeff

Geoffrey Todd Smith

Artist Geoffrey Todd Smith
Gouache and ink drawings by Geoffrey Todd Smith.

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05.04.12 by Jeff

Selena Wong

Artist Selena Wong
“Preserved Collection”, gouache works by Selena Wong.

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14.03.12 by Jeff

Betsy Walton

Drawings by artist Betsy Walton
Paintings by Betsy Walton.

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31.01.12 by Jeff

Brennan Kelly

Drawings by artist Brennan Kelly
Gouache drawings by Brennan Kelly.

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14.01.12 by Jeff

Janice Wu

Drawings by Vancouver based artist Janice Wu
Gouache drawings by Janice Wu. Vancouver.

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11.11.11 by Jeff

Cari Vander Yacht

Gouache drawings by artist Cari Vander Yacht.

Drawings by artist Cari Vander Yacht
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