11.11.11 by Jeff

Cari Vander Yacht

Gouache drawings by artist Cari Vander Yacht.

Drawings by artist Cari Vander Yacht
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02.08.11 by Jeff

Joey Bates

Drawings by Joey Bates.

drawings by artist joey bates
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08.02.11 by Jeff

Katy Horan

More gouache works by Katy Horan.

artist gouache drawing katy horan
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31.01.11 by Jeff

Justin Richel

Beautiful gouache works by Justin Richel.

artist gouache justin richel
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30.11.10 by Jeff

Damien Correll

“Shape Studies”, gouache paintings by Damien Correll.

shape studies paintings by illustrator damien correll
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25.11.10 by Jeff

Rachell Sumpter

Gouache and pastel works by Rachell Sumpter.

gouache pastel artworks artist rachell sumpter
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11.10.10 by Jeff

Nas Chompas

New work from James Mitchell aka Nas Chompas.

artist drawing nas chompas james mitchell
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05.05.10 by Jeff

Alex Lukas

Some new mixed media work from Alex Lukas, who has a show opening with Matt Leines – May 8th over at Guerrero Gallery.

artist alex lukas drawing painting mixed media
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