06.04.13 by Jeff

Jupe by Jackie / Giveaway

Jupe by Jackie / Giveaway
This week’s giveaway comes from young Amsterdam-based brand Jupe by Jackie. Their handmade bow ties can be found in places like Colette, Opening Ceremony, and Comme des Garcons’ Trading Museum. I’ve got three to giveaway, let me know the last thing you made by hand in the comments below!

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16.03.09 by Jeff

Handmade G.I. Joes!

Half The Battle, a collection of fantastic handmade wooden G.I. Joe figurines by Vancouver-based, Caleb Beyers.

homemade handmade g.i. joe action figure figurines caleb beyers
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22.12.08 by Jeff

Handmade by Cisma

Handmade was a 6 minute short created in 2007, by Cisma aka Denis Kamioka (who also directed the Black Thin King animation a couple posts below). I don’t know how I missed this one, it is incredible! I would love to see a full length with this style. The best part is it was co-written by Herbert Baglione!

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