12.12.16 by Jeff

Hat of the Day: “Hat on Hat” by Natali Koromoto Martinez


The very best hat award goes to Brooklyn-based artist Natali Koromoto Martinez. How can you top a hat that is wearing a smaller hat? “Hat on Hat” is for sale here. Have a look at what it looks like on a head below! *Edit – looks like they sold out fast, but there will be more in January.

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16.11.09 by Jeff

Fanny Pack + Hat = Cap Sac

I am holding in my hand pure awesomeness, three hats from Cap-Sac landed at my front door. Stocking-stuffer approved, fanny pack for your head!

fanny pack for your head cap-sac hat
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03.07.08 by Jeff

Thank You Hypebeast!

The good guys over at Hypebeast sent me the “Black Mamba” also known as the friends and family edition of the Subcrew x Hypebeast collaboration hat. I don’t think I can say much about their website that you don’t already know. Thanks Kev, Jason, and Eugene! (Thanks for being the mailman, Rich!) Cheers fellas.

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