17.02.12 by Jeff

University of Hawaii

university of hawaii pow wow
Yesterday a few of us spoke at the University of Hawaii. From left to right, Frank Liew, Ken Harman, Suitman, me, Eugene Kan. There may be video of this at some point!

Photo from Dayna Kalakau.

16.02.12 by Jeff

Pow Wow / Day 2

Pow Wow hits Kakaako
Day 2: Artists painted all over Kakaʻako.

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15.02.12 by Jeff

Pow Wow / Day 1

Pow Wow Begins!
Pow Wow Hawaii has officially begun! (Left to right) SuitmanWill BarrasMeggsMr Jago wait for their ammunition.

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13.02.12 by Jeff

North Shore

waimea bay beach north shore hawaii
Sunset, just down the hill from our house. (sorry it’s off my iphone)

31.01.12 by Jeff

Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

pow wow hawaii
In a couple weeks I’ll be back on Oahu for Pow Wow Hawaii (aka the best event ever). This year’s event is gonna be different in a lot of ways, and by different I mean HUGE. For starters, the artist roster has tripled in size! Most of last year’s crew is returning and new faces include Kid Zoom, Mr Jago, Flying Fortress, Rone, Slick, Peap Tarr, Poesia, Angry Woebots, I think you get the idea. It’s gonna be nuts!

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21.12.11 by Jeff

Patrick Martinez

Reel Tawlk by Patrick Martinez at Loft In Space
Patrick Martinez’s show is up at Loft In Space! I love this gallery and the people that run it. Can’t wait to get back here for the next Pow Wow, in February.

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07.12.11 by Jeff

Patrick Martinez

Patrick Martinez has a show opening tomorrow at Loft In Space!

Patrick Martinez Reel Tawlk at Loft In Space Hawaii

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26.10.11 by Jeff

Jasper Wong

Jasper Wong just turned a little spot in Hawaii into a giant colouring book so all the kids in the area can grab crayons and go nuts!

Jasper Wongs Little Shop of Wonder coloring book
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