22.12.08 by Jeff

Handmade by Cisma

Handmade was a 6 minute short created in 2007, by Cisma aka Denis Kamioka (who also directed the Black Thin King animation a couple posts below). I don’t know how I missed this one, it is incredible! I would love to see a full length with this style. The best part is it was co-written by Herbert Baglione!

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20.11.08 by Jeff

Herbert Baglione

I was gonna post about the amazing artwork of Herbert Baglione and saw that Juxtapoz did me one better and dug up a fantastic interview with Baglione in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The interview is from The Run UP series put together by Fifty24SF Gallery and Upper Playground. Love the opening with Baglione drawing in the sand and the waves erasing the work. “…it’s not what you show people but how it makes you feel inside”.

I snagged a few images of his work, below:

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