18.11.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: Ugo Gattoni’s Scarf Design for Hermès


Delightful animation of Paris-based illustrator Ugo Gattoni’s imaginary horse city slash scarf design for Hermès! Watch “Hippopolis” below!

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07.04.13 by Jeff

Nick Cave / 30 Horses in Grand Central (VIDEO)

Two weeks ago I posted about how Grand Central Terminal in New York was gonna be the setting for a performance orchestrated by artist Nick Cave. Here’s a little clip of the performance which featured a herd of colourful horses brought to life by numerous dancers. Love this.

20.03.13 by Jeff

Nick Cave / 30 Horses in Grand Central

artist nick cave heard ny horses in grand central
Next week artist Nick Cave will orchestrate the takeover of Grand Central Terminal by 30 multicoloured life-size horses.

The horses (brought to life by 60 dancers) will graze and then perform choreographed movements to harp music. This sounds incredible! If any of you go see it please report back here about your experience! Watch the video below!

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24.08.11 by Jeff

Heather Jansch

Driftwood sculptures by artist Heather Jansch.

Driftwood sculptures by artist Heather Jansch
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