14.03.12 by Jeff

Sound Creatures

Sound Creatures a project by composer David Kamp
Artwork by Nick Sheehy / Inspired by this creature sound by David Kamp.

Composer David Kamp created a slew of wonderfully weird sounds and then asked illustrators and animators to create “Sound Creatures” based on them. I’ve included a bunch of my favourites below!

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06.03.12 by Jeff

Stevie Gee

Artist illustrator Stevie Gee
Illustrations by Stevie Gee.

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02.03.12 by Jeff

Maarten Donders

Artist illustrator Maarten Donders
Drawings by Maarten Donders.

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20.02.12 by Jeff

Antonio Ladrillo

Illustrator Antonio Ladrillo
Illustrations by Antonio Ladrillo.

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13.02.12 by Jeff

Kevin Poveda

Illustrator Kevin Poveda

Hand-drawn type by Kevin Poveda.

10.02.12 by Jeff

Rose Blake

Artist Illustrator Rose Blake
Drawings by Rose Blake.

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25.01.12 by Jeff

Laura Bifano

Illustrator Laura Bifano illustration
Works by Laura Bifano. Victoria, BC.

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24.01.12 by Jeff

Richard Kilroy

Fashion illustrator Richard Kilroy
Fashion illustrations by Richard Kilroy.

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