12.09.12 by Jeff

Sophia Foster Dimino

Illustrator Sophia Foster Dimino
Illustrations by Sophia Foster Dimino.

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11.09.12 by Jeff

Sarah Mazzetti

Illustrator Sarah Mazzetti
Illustrations by Sarah Mazzetti.

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10.09.12 by Jeff

Daniel Frost

Illustrator Daniel Frost
Daniel Frost for Norse Projects.

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14.08.12 by Jeff

The Art of Vogue Covers

The Art of Vogue Covers
Thank God for people like Diana (Miss Moss), scanning these beautiful vintage Vogue covers and uploading them to her Flickr. More please!

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06.08.12 by Jeff

Seiichi Hayashi

Artist illustrator Seiichi Hayashi
Illustrations by Seiichi Hayashi.

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30.07.12 by Jeff

Zoran Pungercar

Illustrator Zoran Pungercar
Illustrations by Zoran Pungercar.

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23.07.12 by Jeff

Liam Stevens

Drawings by illustrator Liam Stevens
Drawings by Liam Stevens.

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10.07.12 by Jeff

Sato Kanae

Japanese illustrator Sato Kanae
Illustrations by Sato Kanae.

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